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YELP Reviews of Sirkin & Associates

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Sirkin & Associates is fortunate to have received many five-star reviews on Unfortunately, Yelp "filters" most five-star reviews so they are not easily found on The Yelp theory theory is that positive reviews are "suspicious" unless they come from reviewers who regularly write Yelp reviews. (Strangely, negative reviews are never filtered even though they are frequently written by business competitors, or the competitor's family-members and friends.)

We are very proud of our many five-star Yelp reviews, and also feel that our satisfied clients who have taken the time to write them have a right to have their comments seen. We reprint those reviews on Sirkin & Associates, word-for-word, here. (You can also find them on Sirkin's page under "filtered" reviews at Censored Sirkin Yelp Reviews .)

I've used Andy Sirkin's office to create a TIC agreement for property in San Jose, CA. I was very pleased with the easy process, how quickly I got the agreement back, the cost and the thoroughness of the agreement. I would definitely use them again for a TIC agreement or to create HOA rules.
Jill B., San Jose, CA

My co-owners and I have been working with Andy Sirkin for more than 10 years. In all those years, we have found Andy and his staff (Rosemarie MacGuinness and others) to be exceptional in delivering an excellent product for us - whether it has concerned documentation and/or advice for real property co-ownership, tenancies in common, public reports, or, among other things, condo conversion. Andy's work product and advice is cutting edge -- constantly being updated and refined as laws, regulations and requirements (whether those of governing bodies, lenders, professional associations, or the market place) are enacted, changed and/or even anticipated. There is a reason that so many real estate brokers and agents make reference to "a Sirkin Agreement" being in place when they are marketing fractional real estate and shared property ownership interests: quite simply, "Sirkin" is synonymous with professional, credible, well considered, comprehensive, and effective. There is a reason that even fellow real estate attorneys (including myself) are clients of Sirkin & Associates: the firm really is THE best at what it does in its very specialized area of the law. My co-owners and I do not hesitate to recommend Sirkin & Associates!
Lizbeth G.
San Francisco, CA

Mr. Sirkin's top priority is helping his clients, or even folks who aren't his clients! I recently emailed him outlining an issue our homeowners association needed guidance on, to confirm it was something he could advise us about before I made an appointment. Well he emailed me back the very next day and advised me in the email! Ultimately there wasn't a lot his firm could do to help with this specific issue, but it was still generous of him to give me free advice. About 10 years ago Mr. Sirkin also helped us draw up the HOA documents when we converted our TIC to condos. I would highly recommend him and his firm.
Deborah L.
San Francisco, CA

Sirkin and Associates are beyond professional! I have a TIC through his firm. Throughout the years many questions and concerns have arisen. His website is extremely informative. When I have needed more information his office calls me back promptly. There is always someone there to answer my legal questions. Mr. Sirkin has frequently called me himself! Even when he is out of the country!. He is patient and has spent considerable time to answers my concerns no matter how long it takes. I value his expertise and he has Never given me incorrect legal assistance. In fact after many conversations I learned that he and I grew up in the same town in Massachusetts. What a small world, (and no wonder he is so competent!). I would recommend Mr. Sirkin and his associates without reservation.
Cyndi F.
San Francisco, CA

I had the opportuntity to work with Andy Sirkin, who took care of the entire suite of fractional ownership documents, and had them registered with the State of Washinton. He had outstanding knowledge of the process, practical recommendations for the operation of the facility, and comprehensive and thourough documents to take care of those situations you would never think of with a do-it-yourself approach. He is very professional, prompt, to the point, courtious and a pleasure to work with. Will no doubt use him again for the next one!
Paul J.
Stanwood, WA

During my condo conversion, I worked with both Andy and anther attorney well-known in this area. Andy's professionalism and superior advice made it worth my while to abandon my fee deposit with the other attorney and to seek only Andy's expertise. I choose the other's attorney's so called "do-it-yourself" option and completed the City's application process without incident. I abandoned the CC&R process with the other attorney because he did not hear and, therefore, never grasped the particulars of my situation. Fortunately, I had come to learn of Andy's outstanding reputation and of the quality of the CC&R's he prepares. Moreover, Andy immediately understood my particulars and gave me the sound legal advice that was in my best interest instead a railroading me down an inflexible fixed-fee program. I would strongly recommend using Andy to make your life easier and to achieve an optimal result.
Jim R.
San Francisco, CA

We heard a lot people faced many obstacles during the condominium conversion process. After going to Sirkins and Associates people there like Cam and Rosemarie answered all our questions and made the process easier than what we expected. We definitely recommend Sirkins & Associates for all condominium conversions.
Tony and Julie B.
San Francisco, CA

Andy Sirkin helped us out on a difficult project. He is the one you want to talk to about TIC Agreements and establishing a TIC . Andy understands the process and what is takes to help you through the maze of legal steps. Very supportive and always ready. Above and Beyond!
The A.
San Francisco, CA

Very responsive to our needs for setting up CC&Rs for an HOA. Have a nice fixed price fee to do it, though you should count on some added charges to the fixed fee to make any changes. But very reasonable and very on it! Andy answered questions clearly and concisely and did all we requested in a very timely manner. He knows his stuff. And I appreciate all the info on his website.
Martha D.
Mountain View, CA

Sirkin & Assoc. have been very helpful throughout our TIC-to-condo conversion process in SF. It's not a breezy process and they really know their stuff. Cam Perridge in particular is incredibly nice to work with -- friendly, responsive, very client-service oriented.
Kyra B.
San Francisco, CA

To draft a TIC agreement for our 2 unit building. we were referred to Sirkin & Associates by two separate professional sources and via a 3rd personal reference from a friend. Associate Rosemarie McGuiness was our first contact who was very personable and thorough taking the background of our specific needs. Given the complexity of our situation, she enlisted Andy Sirkin's personal assistance to draft the final documents. We had excellent service during the process. Andy went beyond the call of duty making a minor revision w/o any charge AND sent a duplicate email when I'd somehow lost the prior one. Felt like we were in good hands in this confusing process.
Nancy N.
San Francisco, CA

Sirkin & Associates was great I called and talked to anya who talked to me and got down all my information. Less then 3 hours later I got a call from a partner who had all the information I needed and already had suggestions when she called even though she wasn't the famous Andy Sirkin she was better then I could ever have hoped for. I would reccomend Sirkin & Associates in a heartbeat I've had a couple TICs done by other firms around the city (Gellman) and they havn't even compared to the attentiveness and service I received at Sirkin & Associates it seemed they genuinly cared and wanted to help.
John H.
San Francisco, CA

The people at Sirkin, in particular Cam, have been incredibly helpful in the absurd process of TIC-to-condo conversion in SF. The city has a complicated and labor-intensive process that would have been a nightmare without them to guide us. They helped with paperwork, walked us through the entire process, checked in, and were always available to answer questions. Even when sending a quick question via email I got a phone call back within hours to explain the answer more fully. Great 1service. If only the city made things simple enough to not need it!
Rebecca K.
San Francisco, CA

The Sirkin office is definitely the place to go for TIC work. I used Andy Sirkin after looking at a bunch of sample agreements and deciding that his were the easiest to follow and most complete. But that turned out to be only one of the great things about the firm. My TIC was the first home I ever bought, and all but one of my housemates were strangers. Everyone has a different agent, and had pre-qualified with a different bank, so things got a bit tense. It also turned out there were somethings we didn't all agree about at first, especially the yard and the garage. Sirkin was really good and calming everyone down and suggesting ideas for ways we could agree. I really don't think we could have closed without him. I also have to compliment him on responsiveness. He called everyone back every time.
Sasha D.
San Francisco, CA

My experience with Sirkin was really great and beyond my expectation. For me, the most impressive part was how quickly he responded each time I called or emailed, and how generous he was with his time. And patient. This was my first home purchase and my first experience with an attorney, so I really needed some hand holding. There were several times when I had to call more than once a day, or the day after the last time I called, and I never had the sense that I was calling too much. And the documents seem really thorough--like the firm has seen it all before. This firms reputation among real estate agents as absolutely the best is well-deserved.
Dara S.
San Francisco, CA

Definitely use Sirkin for your condo conversion. Just completed a conversion with Sirkin & Associates and have nothing but good things to say about their service. They have a full-time person, Cam, who does nothing but help people doing condo conversions, and he answers the phone pretty much every time, or calls back right away. They always knew exactly what was going on with our building and were on top of every step. The conversion was finished in about 4 months, which was much quicker than we expected. The only part we really had to do ourselves was the building repairs, and Sirkin was very helpful in making suggestions about making the inspection go more smoothly and getting the sign-off on the work.
Jeff S.
San Francisco, CA

Sirkin & Associates did our TIC agreement way back in 2002 (before I bought in), and then they answered my questions when I was buying (without charging me!!). Although our group gets along pretty well, there have been a few times when we needed to look at the agreement, and it really has helped. Now we are using Sirkin for our condo conversion (finally!) and have been pleased with their service. We really didn't consider using anyone else, but I know others who have not gotten good service from other companies. I can say for sure you will be in good hands here.
Lynn H.
San Francisco, CA

I just bought a tic and Sirkin & Associates wrote the tic agreement and helped us through the process. Getting our financing was the toughest part, and Sirkin gave some really useful advice about our options and who to call. I was also impressed by how Sirkin helped us work through some things we did not totally agree on. When we were in a rush at the end, he was very responsive and fast with some last minute changes. I definitely agree that their reputation as the best in this area is well-deserved.
Susan M.
San Francisco, CA

This is the only law firm you'll need to create your TIC. He wrote the book on it. He and their staff are extremely knowlegeable. With their help, I even got our bank to Fractionalize our first deed of trust and assign partial releases to sell the units. Unbelievable!
Gregory B.
Aptos, CA

You may often wonder while perusing real estate listings, why some TICs say "Sirkin agreement in place". This guy wrote the book on TIC agreements and is hihgly regarded for making sure they work right when the parties enter into them. Would want no other to be on my side for any TIC legal issue.
Don O.
San Francisco, CA

Very very helpful!! Sirkin wrote our TIC agreement, and whenever I have questions I consult the website, email or call them. I have always received a prompt and helpful responses.
Gina T.
Cupertino, CA

I was pretty shocked to read the poor review of Sirkin & Associates, as Andy Sirkin and his assistants have been incredibly helpful with our TIC and with educating us about the ins and outs of TIC ownership. They do a great job of explaining each partner's rights and obligations while always doing their best to maintain good and equal relationships between those partners. They also offer tons of free information on their website, which is invaluable if people just take the time to read it and inform themselves. I think many of the gripes of TIC partners are due to a general lack of understanding the business relationship of the TIC, which can be confusing if you don't read the agreement in the first place! My phone calls to Sirkin & Associates are always returned promptly, and my questions always answered. TICs are delicate business relationships, and we've received relationship-saving counsel from these guys. There's a reason their name is ubiquitous in San Francisco--it's because they're the authors of so much TIC information and so many legal agreements, and it's because they do their job well and get referred for it.
Suzy Z.
San Francisco, CA

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