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Brian McCauley
General real estate litigation including TIC and condominium. (415-974-1515)
Frederick Hertz
Co-Ownership disputes including same-sex couples. (510-834-4114)
Saul Ferster
San Francisco landlord/tenant attorney. (415-863-2678)
Jeffrey Woo
General real estate litigation including TIC, condominium and landlord/tenant disputes. (415 433-1900)
Andrew Zacks
General real estate litigation including TIC, condominium and landlord/tenant disputes. (415-956-8100)
Andrew Wiegel
General real estate litigation including TIC, condominium and landlord/tenant disputes. (415-552-8230)
John O'Reilly
General real estate litigation including TIC and condominium. (415-392-2860)
Bob Aune
Real estate litigation with emphasis on transactions and homeowners association matters. (415-433-6400)
Individual Fractional Lending For TICs
Sterling Bank & Trust, FSB
Fractional TIC Loans for San Francisco properties.
Residential Lending Sales Office - (415) 970-9889 (main)
3800 24th Street (at Church) San Francisco, CA 94114
Henry T. Jeanes - Mortgage Consultant/TIC Financing - (415) 970-9889 x512 or
Bank of Marin
After a three-year absence from the TIC fractional mortgage market, Bank of Marin has announced a new individual TIC loan program effective April 10, 2014. For information contact Steve Kambur at or 415-884-4073.
National Cooperative Bank
For Individual Fractional TIC loans : Contact: Jeremy Morgan Sr. Loan Officer/VP
866-622-6446 ext. 3425

For Developer TIC Aquisition financing: Contact: Larry Mathe Sr. Vice-President
GT Financial Mortgage Group
GT Financial is a full service mortgage company specializing in residential and commercial real estate loans, including TIC financing.
Gannon M. Tidwell / Managing Broker / 415.292.2601
TIC Lending, Inc.
TIC Lending arranges fractional and group loans, and financing for all stages of TIC Development. The Broker, Mark Skolnick, has helped design and launch one of the first 'smart' group loans, and the first widely available fractional loan product. Contact Mark Skolnick at 415-373-3792 or
David Park, Integrated Mortgage
Fractional TIC loans and financing for TIC development. 415-524-7406 or
Individual Fractional Lending For Vacation Fractionals
Vacation finance is all we do.
Interested parties may contact Bob Waun @ (248) 722-9286 or
Also, please visit our blog:
NextStar Funding
Multi-unit vacation fractional projects only
Dustin Carfield TEL: 970-871-9292 / FAX: 970-871-9923
TIC/Condo Association Management
San Francisco TIC Financial Services
Financial management for TIC owner groups. "We live in a 7-Unit TIC which means we fully understand the interaction of living in a multi-unit building. We owned and managed TIC's and Condo's in the City and understand the ins and outs of very small and very large homeowners associations and everything in between."
TIC, Equity Sharing, Vacation Home Group Matching
InvestorsAlly is a peer-to-peer business that offers a new alternative home ownership structure (FARJHO) for both aspiring home owners and prospective joint property investors under a new alternative housing finance system (SwapRent). Property transactions could also be handled through the extensive network of residential brokerage business under InvestorsAlly Realty Services.
Matching like-minded people to share real estate and other valuable assets through tenancy in common and vacation fractional ownership.
Je Reve d'Une Maison
Web-based matching and facilitation for vacation properties in France
Fractional Vacation Home Consulting
Fractional Life
Fractional Life is the number one consumer lifestyle brand dedicated to growing the fractional ownership marketplace. The company has 3 divisions: interactive, fractional conferences and exhibitions (the Fractional Life Expo will be 3 years old next year!) and publishing. has 19 different categories including fractional property, destination and PRC clubs, aviation, boats and yachts, classic and super cars and more. The website is the most comprehensive for users looking for help and purchase advice from over 300 fractional operators.
Harris Fractional Consulting Group
Fractional development and marketing consulting for home owners, realtors/brokers, and developers in Hawaii and the Western U.S. Including feasibility assessment, financial analysis, project and fractional conversion financing, project management, marketing, sales, and management.
Luxury Fractional Guide
General fractional website offering information (including a book), listings, advertising opportunities, and marketing consulting.
Organizations and Publications
Promoting Home Ownership Through Condominium Conversion
A complete and well-considered discussion of two competing proposals for liberalization of San Francisco's condominium conversion restrictions, released in 2004 (649 KBytes, PDF)
San Francisco Housing Databook
A very thorough and informative study of San Francisco's housing stock and how it is used, commissionned by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 2000 and released in 2002 (3550 KBytes, PDF)
Our Housing Crisis: A Developer's Perspective
A cogent argument that allowing more density is the only was to increase housing affordability (260 KBytes, PDF)
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