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Evictions and Related Landlord/Tenant Matters
The articles, links and resources below are included as a public service because some of our tenancy in common clients are interested in these topics. Please note that our office does not advise or represent clients in evictions or other landlord tenant matters of any kind. Also note that most tenancy in common formations do not involve evictions.
Owner Occupancy and Ellis Evictions
Rent control laws interfere with owner-occupancy in some communities. This pamphlet describes the requirements and procedures for Ellis Act and owner move-in evictions.
San Francisco Rent and Eviction Control Law
The full text of SF's rent ordinance including the 14 just causes for eviction and the requirements for owner move in evictions, relative move in evictions, and evictions for renovations. This law also governs communications between landlord and tenant. Can a landlord pay a tenant to move out? What can an owner say to a tenant without violating the law? (1707 KBytes, PDF)
Text of The Ellis Act
The Ellis Act is a California State law that allows property owners to decide to go out of the rental business and evict all of their tenants. This law is one of the 14 possible reasons for evicting tenants from a rent-controlled building in San Francisco.
San Francisco Rent Board Rules and Regulations
These rules do not have the force of law but are followed by the SF Rent Board when it adjudicates landlord tenant disputes. These rules are also sometimes used by judges to help interpret Sf's rent control laws. (758 KBytes, PDF)
Small Property Owners Website
Get a good-quality San Francisco rental agreement or lease, and support a good cause, by joining SPOSF. This site also has some valuable resources for landlords.
San Francisco Requires Higher Eviction Payments
In November 2006, San Francisco votes approved a new law that requires higher payments to tenants in connection with certain types of evictions. This article explains the new requirements.
The Effect of Eviction History on San Francisco Condominium Conversion Eligibility
Under San Francisco’s restrictive condominium conversion laws, a building’s eviction history can disqualify or delay the building’s eligibility to convert to condominiums.
Ellis Act Eviction Statistics
Recent eviction statistics and trends for San Francisco . (350 KBytes, PDF)
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