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Sirkin Yelp Reviews and Other Testimonials
Sirkin & Associates is fortunate to have received many five-star reviews on Unfortunately, Yelp "filters" most five-star reviews so they are not easily found on The Yelp theory is that positive reviews are "suspicious" unless they come from reviewers who regularly write Yelp reviews. (Strangely, negative reviews are never filtered even though they are sometimes written by business competitors, or the competitor's family-members and friends.)

We are very proud of our many five-star Yelp reviews, and also feel that our satisfied clients who have taken the time to write them have a right to have their comments seen. We reprint those reviews on Sirkin & Associates, word-for-word, here. (You can also find them on Sirkin's page under "filtered" reviews at Censored Sirkin Yelp Reviews .)
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